About Me

Angelo 2013 Proflie PicI am currently a Social Media Manager and my focus at Social Media Delivered involves client services which include: leading brainstorming sessions, writing valuable content for our clients and interacting on behalf of our client accounts. I have been able to combine my skills of video, communication, and marketing with my passions for advertising, innovative ideas, and social media to find new ways to engage fans and consumers.

I attended the University of Texas at Dallas to enroll in their Emerging Media and Communication program which was one of the first of its kind in the United States. I knew that social media and the digital realm was a booming sector and wanted to have a background that would set me apart from others while giving me more experience than my peers.

Outside of work I like to play soccer, practice yoga, go to boot camps, run and pretty much do or play anything that keeps me active. I absolutely love going to food carts around Austin and trying new and crazy foods. I love spending time and biking with my dog Izzy, who’s a mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Plott Hound. Music is a big part of my life, you’ll find me listening, singing and/or dancing a lot of the time. Very proud of my culture which is a mix of Venezuelan, Italian and Spaniard mashed with everything I have learned growing up in Austin for the majority of my life.